About the winter school

The aim of the Winter School is to offer a variety of lectures dealing with different subjects which provide a strong multidisciplinary environment regarding food quality and health. This Winter School program “Food & Health” focusses on the most relevant aspects of food quality and human nutrition in order to understand how they are related and how they affect human health through dietary habits.

The Winter School is structured according to a specific pattern, and develops two sequential sections:

  1. Food quality: from farm to table
  2. Food quality and human health

The Winter School will be held in two different locations. The first part will be held at Villa Revedin Bolasco (Castelfranco Veneto - Treviso) and the second part will be held in Padova.

An intensive program of lectures is offered as well as a number of other activities which are organized in Padova and nearby. ECTS credits will be attributed to students who pass the final exam.

Field trips have been organized to visit Italian wineries located in the Valpolicella and Valdobbiadene regions, areas which are famous for Amarone and Prosecco wines. Further field trips are being organized to food industries, such as cheese and pasta in the Veneto region.

The speakers are professors from the University of Sydney and the University of Padova, representatives of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) and NAS (special department of the Carabinieri police force which protects public health and safety).

Rosario Rizzuto, Rector of the University of Padova, Duncan Ivison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) of the University of Sydney, and Greg French, Australian Ambassador to Italy, will also participate.

The Winter School will conclude with a symposium on “Nutrition related diseases”.