GrapePRODIGI – Support grape producers with digital tools to develop their precision farming approach

Project description

The main objective of GrapePRODIGI project is to assess a learn-in-practice education platform in the related topics of remote sensing, digital mapping, smart sensors and high precision farming for grapevine growers. The platform will include a pilot vineyard managerial system for clearer understanding and organized roadshows will ensure the high level attainment for stakeholders. By the platform farmers will get fit-for-purpose knowledge on how to engage digital tools in viticultural practice.

To ensure a transnational approach linking producers and innovators the project can have a widespread impact for EU producers at the local, national and EU level. This is why GrapePRODIGI has been designed as a transnational project and education platform with tailored content that will ensure the project to reach, beside Italy and Hungary, even marginalised rural regions of Europe. The project activities can be divided in four parts: high precision sensors and IoT systems, digital mapping tools, education content development and disseminating pilot systems for users. All of the partners bear the responsibility of a certain task and contribute to the others to get a well balanced working distribution in the project.

EKCU as coordinator is responsible for the horizontal work packages: management and dissemination, development of the pilot vineyard management system, including the education platform and practical examples. University of Padova will coordinate the creation and assessment of the pedagogical content from the stakeholders needs to their feedback giving process as a whole. CET Electronics by their expertise will contribute to the precision farming approach providing innovative tools and sensors, as an IoT system, for the pilot activity and education to reach a learn-from-practice approach. Borműhely Association of Eger will work in the exploitation of the outcomes of the project by disseminating in professional platforms and social media tools and by organizing a roadshow for Hungarian and Italian growers and stakeholders. The project’s cooperation covers all the actors which can play an important role in digital innovation and smart based management transformation for the targeted stakeholders.




Type of action

Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Project title

Support grape producers with digital tools to develop their precision farming approach



Start date


End date


Total duration

24 Months

Coordinating institution

Eszterhazy Karoly Katolikus Egyetem, EKCU (Hungary)

Participating institutions

University of Padua (Italy)

Cet Electronics S.N.C

EGER Borműhely Egyesület




€ 60.000,00

Responsible    Dr. PhD Franco Meggio