"Biodiversity, Ethnoecology and Bioprospecting in Nepal Himalaya" | International Summer School in Nepal

Within a collaborative programme between the Tribhuvan University of Kirtipur (Nepal) and the University of Padua (Italy), the Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST) and DAFNAE have organized the International Summer School on the topic "Biodiversity, Ethnoecology and Bioprospecting in Nepal Himalaya". The course will take place from January 29th to February 8th, 2018 in Kathmandu (Nepal).

Title of the course

Biodiversity, Ethnoecology and Bioprospecting in Nepal Himalaya


  • Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology, (RECAST), Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal; and Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal (ESON).
  • Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animals and Environment (DAFNAE), and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DFS) University of Padova (UP), Italy.

Leading Host Coordinators

Prof. Ram P. Chaudhary, TU, Nepal
Prof. Serena Varotto,UP, Italy

General information

Credits: 2Credits (ECTS)

Class dates: January 29th - February 8th, 2018. The course will be accomplished in two weeks: starting lectures in Kathmandu area, moving to the field during the second week and then closing.

Number of students: expected 10 international and 8 Nepalese.

Course objectives: The main objective of this International Summer School is to acquaint the students with contemporary Biodiversity and Ethnobotanical issues of Nepal Himalaya, expose them to the biodiversity and communities’ role and contribution to manage the natural resources, and cross-cultural learning.

Prerequisites: Graduates from relevant field of Life Sciences, such as Biological Science, Forestry, Environmental Science, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy and Agriculture are eligible to join the summer school. Selection criteria applied will be student performance, interviews and inclusiveness.

Course format: Classroom lectures, class/laboratory exercise, and field works.

Evaluation module: Evaluation will be based on attendance (40%), participation and assignments (40%), and final report (20%).

Attendance: This is a must in order to receive full credit of the course.

Final report: The students will submit a final report at th end of the Summer Schools.

Certificate model: Tribhuvan University and University of Padova (with logos)

Deadline for applications: 31st October , 2017

Documens and application forms

Further documents and application form available below for download.

Contacts for further information

Prof. Serena Varotto | serena.varotto@unipd.it