The initiative

Aperi-Seminars is the new PGS initiative for 2017.

Aperi-Seminars are:

ApertiOPEN to everybody, fellows, PhD students, post-docs and Master students;

Giovani  YOUNG, as an informal space where you can present and discuss your research activities, projects and data;

InterattiviINTERACTIVE because it aims to stimulate the comunication, exchange ideas and aggregation among different scientific areas and generations of researchers;

Allegri      HAPPY ...at the end of the speeches (about 15-20 mins each) chips, aperitifs and spritz will be available;

1st year PhDs and other young researchers are encouraged to give a contribution to the seminars to enrich the forthcoming PGS Aperi-Seminars!!!

  1st Aperi-Seminar (17/01/2017)

Dear PhD Students, Post-docs and Fellows of DAFNAE, 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How are you doing? Finally we are mailing you to welcome us at the launch of 


Thuesday, January 17th from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at Ex C-10 room (II "stecca", ground floor)

We will enjoy the following excellent talks by two young researchers of DAFNAE:

Multi-omics dissection of the Plasmopara viticola - Vitis vinifera pathosystem

Dr. Matteo Brilli, PhD

Managing water table to improve water quality and crop production

Dr. Massimo Tolomio

  2nd Aperi-Seminar (21/02/2017)

The programme of the Aperi-Seminar and the announcement will be soon available for download...