Second Padova-Sydney Conference

Second Padova-Sydney Conference

At the Botanical Garden (photo by A.Botton)

A brief summary

The 2nd Padova-Sydney conference was concluded on Thursday 29th. The great effort put by the two departments of Agripolis - DAFNAE and TESAF - directly involved in the organization of this important event was very fruitful. During its five days, alternated among Agripolis, Palazzo Bo and the Campus of Conegliano, the conference was attended by a relevant number of participants, culminating during the sign of the Memorandum of Understanding by our Rector, Rosario Rizzuto, and the deputy vice chancellor for research of the University of Sydney, Duncan Ivison.

Sydney - Skyline (foto di Alessandro Botton)

We all have tried to offer our guests an overview of the different excellences of our University, starting for the Botanical Garden, passing through our Campus of Agripolis and Conegliano, up to our history and identity, which were well represented by the words of our Rector during the day held at Palazzo Bo. But also some more informal and "social" moments were not missing during these few days.

Prato della Valle, Padova (photo by A.Botton)

A brief "story" of the conference can be found in our Facebook page with the hashtag #PDSydney2016.

Here are few pictures of some key moments of the conference, followed by the presentations.

Orto Botanico Conferenza Grigliata in Azienda Tramonto dall'azienda Degustazione a Conegliano

Visita a Borgoluce Visita dell'Azienda "L.Toniolo" Archivio Antico La firma del MoU Momento della Cena Sociale


(available for download)

Monday 26th September

26-09-2016 (photo by A.Botton)


Alessandro Cescatti - "Forests in the climate system"

Amedeo Reyneri - "The sustainable agriculture approach face to the new paradigms of the food chains"

Alex McBratney - "Global soil security"

Mark Adams - "Sustainability and climate change"

Other presentations

T. Ancev, J. Giacomoni and M. Thiene - "Economic evaluation of Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services (PFES) programs in Vietnam"

L. Secco, M. Masiero, E. Pisani and D. Pettenella - "Technological vs. social approach towards the bio-based economy in European forestry sector: a latent ambiguity"

E. Sturaro, M. Berton, L. Gallo, M. Ramanzin and G. Bittante - "Multiindicators approach for the evaluation of sustainability of livestock farming in mountainous area"

M. Prosdocimi, R. Masin and P. Tarolli - "The erosion of agricultural society: toward an integrated approach for a sustainable connection of soil, water and health"

N. Odgers - "Digital soil mapping"

A. Zanella and J.F. Ponge - "Morpho-functional classification of humus systems and soil biological functioning"

R. McConchie - "Successful partnerships for fresh produce safety"

T. Sitzia, S. Grigolato, T. Campagnaro and R. Cavalli - "Habitats Directive and management of forest operations: which implications and risk under the current trend of climate change?"

B. Minasny - "Soil carbon modelling"

L. Bortolini, G. Zanin, V. D’Agostino, F. Bettella and M. Borin - "Storm water management through sustainable urban drainage systems: a study in the climatic context of the Venetian Plain"

Wednesday 28th September

28-09-2016 (photo by A.Botton)

T. Bell - "Advances in forest fire research in Australia"

E. Lingua, M. Pividori, F. Pirotti, E. Marcolin, P. Bolzon, N. Marchi, G. Marques, M. Garbarino, D. Castagneri, I. Aicardi, M. Piras and R. Marzano - "Post-fire regeneration dynamics in mountain forests of the Alps: from seedlings to landscape"

L. Copeland - "Digestibility of starch as a risk factor for life-style diseases"

G. Sbardellotto De Bona and S. Vincenzi - "Effect of storage on stilbenoid content in cv. Pinot noir grape canes collected at different time before pruning"

M. Adams - "Potential for nitrogen-enhanced water use efficiency in agricultural crops - legumes vs non-legumes"

N. Dal Ferro and F. Morari - "Understanding soil carbon processes with three-dimensional models"

B. Whelan - "Precision agriculture"

D. Cillis, F. Marinello, A. Pezzuolo, B. Basso and L. Sartori - "Precision in conservation agriculture: first results of an experimental study"

E. Defrancesco, P. Gatto and D. Mozzato - "To leave or not to leave: AESs? A longitudinal approach"

Thursday 29th September

29-09-2016 (photo by A.Botton)

L. Marini, M. Dainese, D.J. Inclan, T. Sitzia and G. Tamburini - "Managing biodiversity and ecosystem services for sustainable agricultural production"

M. Gharun - "Application of computer simulation in enhancing students’ learning about forest ecology and management"

C. Pornaro and S. Macolino - "Forest succession and botanical composition changes in abandoned Alpine pastures related to rare species and environmental factors"

B. Kaiser - "Managing plant nitrogen access for sustainable agriculture"

M. Tolomio, A. Berti and M. Borin - "Nutrient balances at different scale as indicator of sustainability"

S. Trestini, S. Szathvary, E. Ricci and S. Stranieri - "Should we extend the Eu-Ecolabel to beef meat? A focus on consumers’ purchase intention in Italy"

C. Sartori, N. Guzzo and R. Mantovani - "Optimal contribution selection in Rendena cattle: genetic improvement and maintenance of genetic diversity in small local population"

Opera House - Sydney (foto di Alessandro Botton)