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World Allergen Food 2016 Products and services for food allergies and intolerances.

WORLD ALLERGEN FOOD will face the important challenge of food allergies and intolerances, affecting a relevant part of the population. This new initiative will be dedicated to a wide public, ranging from consumers to professionals.
DAFNAE and the University of Padova will be there with an official stand and with the participation of its research and technical personnel.
The programme is available below for download.

Seminars given by Prof. Myron Zalucki
Two seminars will be given by Prof. Myron Zalucki, University of Queensland (Australia), visiting professor at our department DAFNAE:

Tuesday 1st March at 2:30pm, room 10P
Evolution of Insect-Plant Interactions.
1. Herbivorous insect rule

Wednesday 2nd March at 2:30pm, room 1P
Evolution of Insect-Plant Interactions.
2. Plant defenses against insect attack

 Seminar “Crop nutrition: future perspectives”
Within the course of Soil fertility and plant nutrition (Master degree in Agricultural Science), Dr. Riccardo Calzavara (Arvan S.r.l.) will give a seminar titled “Crop nutrition: future perspectives”. The seminar will be held on January, 28th 2016, from 9.00 to 11.30am, at the room 19 of the Ca’ Gialla building (Campus of Agripolis). For further information, please contact Prof. Giuseppe Concheri. The announcement is attached below.

Visiting professors in DAFNAE – A.A. 2015/16
During the academic year 2015/2016, DAFNAE will host four visiting professors:
- Prof. Dorcas Franklin, teaching “Sustainable Agriculture Management” within the Master degree in Agricultural Science - CV
- Prof. Flavio Forabosco, teachng “Livestock production, breeding, selection and impact on climate change” within the Master degree in Animal Science - CV
- Prof. David Radcliffe, teching “Computer Modeling of Soil and Water Resources” within the Master degree in Environmental Science - CV
- Prof. Myron Zalucki, teaching “Ecology and management of insect pest of agriculture, forestry and urban habitats” within the PhD in Crop Science - CV


Seminar "The Spanish breeding program for Holstein dairy cattle"
On the 25th November 2015, 3:00pm, at the room "Aula Bonsembiante" (Pentagono building, Agripolis, Legnaro, Padova), Prof. M. Ángeles Pérez Cabal (Departamento de Producción Animal Facultad de Veterinaria (UCM) Madrid, Spain) will give a seminar titled "The Spanish breeding program for Holstein dairy cattle". The seminar is organized within the PhD Course in Animal and Food Science. The announcement is available for download.
PhD Course in Animal and Food Science (


A focus on food supplements
An event focused on food supplements has been organized that will be held on the 21st November 2015 (9:00am), in Vicenza (Complesso Universitario, Viale Margherita 87). Registration is free and must be done within 19th November 2015. Contacts and further details are available in the announcement for download.
21/11/ 2015 (h 9.00); Vicenza, Complesso Universitario Viale Margherita 87

Delegation of DAFNAE at the University of Georgia, USA
During the week November 2nd- 7th a delegation of DAFNAE, composed by Maurizio Borin, Andrea Battisti, Antonio Berti, Francesco Morari and Raffaella Cattarinussi will visit the University of Georgia, in Athens (USA) to finalize the co-operation agreement for the implementation of a dual master in sustainable agriculture. This trip will reinforce the relationship between the University of Padova and the University of Georgia that has formally started ten years ago with the The TransAtlantic Precision Agriculture Consortium (TAPAC). TAPAC consists of agricultural scientists and engineers at three southeastern land grant universities and three European Union (EU) universities dedicated to fostering the global awareness and competence of their students, faculty and staff. The Consortium has been supported by EU and U.S. Department of Education's Funds, and more recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-USDA.


Meeting of stakeholders for the new master in Sustainable agriculture

Meeting of stakeholders for the new master in Sustainable agricultureFriday October 16th, 10 a.m. at DAFNAE a meeting of stakeholders will take place within the accreditation process of the master in Sustainable Agriculture. Representatives of the universities and public administrations, producers and trade associations will meet with the aim to discuss about the training program of the new master. Delegates will try to contribute to identify the future role of the graduate in Agricultural Science, according to the real labour market needs. A second meeting will tale place at the beginning of November in USA (Athens, GA) involving stakeholders from USA, Europe and Australia.