Facts and figures

  • DAFNAE department during the period 2013-2015 managed an average budget of 6 Million Euros per yeara.
  • Permanent departmental staff comprehends 19 Full Professors, 25 Associate Professors, 25 Researchers, 33 Technical Staff and 17 Administrative Staff. Moreover, 68 PhD students (14 from abroad), 35 post-doc and around 50 research collaborators work in the department.
  • DAFNAE in the 2014-2015 produced 132 publications per yea in ISI/Scopus indexed journals, most of which ranking at Q1.
  • DAFNAE department is responsible for 5 first-cycle degree courses and 6 second-cycle degree (2 of which in eglish: Italian Food and Wine and Sustainable Agriculture) courses for a total of about 2000 studentsb.

aData regarding the period 2013-2015.

bData assessed at december 2016.